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Where your Pet and Vet Connect

MiVetConnect was founded to be of service to you and your favourite companion with professional care.

Currently we are providing video consultations for your pets with our NZ registered veterinarians from 6pm-10pm Monday-Friday for clients of affiliated veterinary clinics in NZ.

We work as an extension of your vet clinic and collaborate with the veterinary team you know and trust.


How does it work?

MiVetConnect Consultation (15 min)

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Step 1

Click the ‘Book Now’ button and choose a day and time convenient to you for a video consultation, register your details and confirm the appointment. This will only take a few minutes to complete.



Step 2

We will send a Zoom link and password to your email address. Ensure Zoom is setup and that your video and audio are working properly. Get your pet ready in the room with you, and if required feel free to have a helper available to assist.

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Step 3

Join the Zoom call via the link provided and start the consultation on the device of your choice, this can be your phone, computer or tablet. Phones or tablets can be great as it allows you to switch cameras to show the vet your pet more easily.

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Step 4

Afterwards you will receive a summary of the consultation and your vet will be sent the notes of the consultation. You will also receive instructions for payment and a short survey so you can give us feedback on the service we provided.


Can a video consultation help me with my pet’s concerns?

There are many ways a video call with our friendly vets can help!

Mobile diagnostic for an veterinarian with telecommunication or telehealth, elderly woman

If your are unsure if your pet need emergency care we can help assess your pet’s condition and advise on appropriate steps to take that are the best for your pet.

Some common conditions can be managed via video call without the need for a clinic visit or prescription medications. This may include mild tummy upsets, superficial injuries, weight management or localised skin irritation.

Pets who are particularly anxious about travelling in the car or visiting the vet clinic are often best assessed in their own home to determine if a vet clinic visit is necessary. We can help streamline necessary clinic visits by suggesting treatment plans for your own vet, so they are prepared to do as much in one visit as practical.

If there is a waiting list for your pet to have an appointment at their regular vet we can provide advice on supportive care measures that you can take at home to help your pet feel more comfortable until their scheduled visit. 

If you have questions that you would love to chat to a vet about that may not need a clinic appointment such as nutrition, behaviour, flea and worm prevention, or tips on how to administer medication to a pet, we are here to help.

We can also support your own vet’s treatment plans with follow up consultations, for example monitoring response to treatment, transition to prescription diets or visual assessment of wound healing.

If your pet is recovering from surgery at home and you have concerns about their pain levels, behaviour and recovery from anaesthetic, we can help assess if this is an expected change or if additional care in clinic is needed.

We are available for your call when your usual clinic may be closed or hard to contact – perfect for busy pet parents!